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CRYSTALLIZATION is one of many ways to maintain a marble floor. This procedure consists of spraying a small amount of fluid onto a marble floor, and buffing it in with a polishing machine with a 3M white/or red polishing pad, or with a steel wool pad instead. The fluid contains a fluro-silicate compound, which will react with the calcium carbonate to form a new compound (calcium fluro-silicate) on the marble surface. Some people say that the new compound adds shine to a marble floor and increases its wear. Meanwhile, others believe this procedure blocks the stone's ability to “breathe.” Therefore, the moisture underneath the stones cannot normally evaporate, which in turn causes the stones to rot.

Crystallization may only be performed on marble and/or limestone floors. The tiles must be dry and clean, since performing this process on a wet floor might cause the tiles to turn yellow or grey.

I would not recommend using this procedure on residential floors, due to the fact that it would cause the maintenance frequency more often than that of natural polishing procedures. Yet in those public areas like a hotel lobby, a shopping mall, or a department store, performing this procedure at opening hours produces less mess than a natural polishing process and it restricts less area for traffic. To avoid wax build-up causing further problems including yellowing, dirty appearance, and following difficult wax stripping, a none-wax/resin formulated crystallization fluid is recommended.

Written by,
Daniel Tai