Lap Tan Co., Ltd (Vietnam)


We sell those resin bond abrasives which work perfectly and last long enough on stone surfaces. If you go to a stone fair, you can see so many colorful resin bond abrasives but almost none can fill your needs. Every supplier in China claims their abrasives are the best for stones but when you buy the samples back for testing, chances are most of those are so called “ garbage “ abrasives! Now you don’t have to buy a bunch of samples for testing. We have chosen a combination of abrasives, at a reasonable price for you and for ourselves already. Use what we use. We assure you also can achieve  the best shine on marble granite and polished porcelain tiles

For marble:


For granite or polished porcelain tiles:

#150, #300

#300,#500,#1000,#2000,#3000, buff